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Research Services is a comprehensive source of information to broaden your horizons and support your research activities. UMSurabaya is aware of the importance of research and is committed to carrying it out in a sustainable manner.

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Our present world civilization is characterized by three important aspects. First of all, we see that the world's demographics are in an alarming state. Related to this problem, existing data proves that our earth has accommodated 6.5 billion people and by 2050 it is expected to reach 10 billion people. Second, the modern world has developed into an unimaginable energy crisis stage. The world currently consumes non-renewable energy in an amount that makes the world's future in the dark shadow of the environment. Third, the current global economy is an economy based on gigantic structures and unreal derivative economic dynamics which in some cases causes turbulence and uncertainty.The world's universities are now in a position to respond to this global challenge. Based on this spirit, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya is committed to finding solutions to global challenges, developing education for future leaders and strengthening their academic performance. Muhammadiyah University Surab [Read More]

Dr. dr. Sukadiono, M.M.

Rector UMSurabaya


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Latest News Mengapa Banyak Penyakit saat Musim Hujan? Ini Penjelasan Dosen UM Surabaya
  • 06 Dec
  • 2023

Mengapa Banyak Penyakit saat Musim Hujan? Ini Penjelasan Dosen UM Surabaya

Musim hujan menyebabkan terjadinya berbagai penyakit infeksi yang disebabkan oleh bakteri virus maupun parasite. Hal ini terjadi karena kondisi cuaca maupun lingkungan saat musim hujan sangat mendukung percepatan pertumbuhan agen penyakit. â€œKondisi hujan membuat kelembaban udara tin [Read More]

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    The following is the Announcement of Student Lectures for 2022 Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya [Read More]
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    Announcement of 2023 Student LecturesDownload the Chancellor's Decree Here [Read More]


As a World Class Research University, UMSurabaya pays special attention to research activities and encourages lecturers and students to conduct and develop various research oriented to meet the needs of the nation. [Read More]



UMSurabaya has consistently and systematically since its founding in 1984 fighting with the people to the grassroots to build and prosper Indonesia. UMSurabaya continues to encourage an increase in the quantity and quality of research-based community service in Indonesia and internationally with the principles of sustainable development. [Read More]